Intricate Obsessions by Jennifer Rayes

Suspense Thriller / New Adult 

With hours to go before Salim unleashes the virus onto the island of Kayamato and all its citizens, what will Raoul do; give up the crown or refuse and watch his people suffer? 

Decisions made, a new course to follow?

Dominique is torn; on the one hand should he hand Salim over to Gaia for her to punish him as she saw fit, or back to Raoul and Kayamato to stop the virus being unleashed? He made his decision. This led to his relationship with Gaia at an impasse – will he be able to get her back. Could he truly commit?

Gaia is still determined to get her task force and new operation up and running to help all the people she can, whilst unbeknown to her she is still a target but why?  

Meanwhile Raoul is still trying to tie up the loose ends to make sure his uncle Salim can never get out of prison. Employing a spy in amongst the ranks of the unknown…

My thoughts 

The third instalment to this series has tied up a number of threads that were still hanging around from book one and book two. We delve into the seedy underbelly of the trafficking and gain an insight of who is in charge, really in charge. Dominique’s story has come full circle, as has Gaia’s, does this mean it’s just their story left? 

It would appear that Raoul and Gaia are really just going to be friends. There is no chemistry between them in this book, whereas we still get snippets from Dominique and Gaia. 

There are numerous characters that we find out more about and yet still more questions; will Dominique get the Governor? Will Gaia ever be whole again or did Antoine ruin her? What is Salim up to? 

I can definitely say without a doubt that I never knew what was going to happen whilst reading the first, second and third book. I enjoyed the storylines and can honestly say that Rayes grew with every book, although I think it would have been great if perhaps the books were longer, but then we don’t know where Rayes will go from here, there is most definitely another instalment on the horizon; will our questions be answered?  

Intricate Obsessions by Jennifer Rayes

Print Length 232

— TalesfromNj

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