Intricate Deceptions by Jennifer Rayes

Suspense Thriller / New Adult / Romance

Would you freak out if you woke up in a dingy, damp cell with no memory and your body aching all over? Gaia handled it pretty well considering that she did. We know from the opening chapters that Gaia is a strong character, full of determination and fire. Especially when Emily, a very young scared girl, is dragged from the cell never to be seen again. Gaia is determined to find her new friend. 

A knight in shining armour or villain in disguise? 

Gaia realises that she has been sold.  She is told that the ‘girls’, Emily being one of them, are being put to work. It’s some sort of trafficking going on and now she going to be one of those girls.  Gaia is about to faces traumatic moment and a rescuer rushes in to save her. Raoul.  He is an actual prince. A prince has rescued her.  

A palace or a fancy prison, Gaia cannot tell…

Waking in a luxurious bed to the smell of flowers and music, it was as if Gaia had been dreaming about the cell until she moved and remembered what had happened. Emily, she had to find her. Raoul the deliciously handsome prince who had saved her. The burning question was why, and could she trust him?   

Wandering hallways is not always a good place to be. 

On overhearing Raoul and one of his men talking about her like they knew her, and what had happened to her. Gaia fills with rage and realises she can’t trust Raoul, even though she really wants to…

Gaia meets a man unexpectedly in one of the many stairwells in the palace. After a causing a bit of a ruckus a heated argument is exchanged then the mysterious man kisses her with such passion that she is drawn to him. Yet she knows that there is something off, but what she finds out, is that he is called Dominque.  He is a pirate. A man to be reckoned with. 

Complex characters, twisting tales and a fast-paced read! 

I have only given a brief, very brief overview of this novel. There is so much crammed in sometimes it was hard to remember who the good guys were and who were the bad guys! Not forgetting the human trafficking which was the reason in which you were reading it, or thought you were until you find out how Gaia ended up in that situation, which I must say, very well done.

My thoughts

I did very much enjoy this read but there are a few things I picked up on. 

There were lots of twists and turns in the story which was great but sometimes it was easy to lose the thread of what was happening, or where it was happening. I like fast paced books, but I also like to digest the information they provide too. 

The budding romances from Raoul and Dominque were confusing. Personally, having been kidnapped, not once but twice, loss of memory and linked to a sex trafficking organisation I would think romance would be last on Gaia’s mind. The hot and sultry could have been turned down a notch or two and maybe softer less in your face could have worked.

Overall, I did enjoy the story and of course it ends in a cliff hanger!

Intricate Deceptions by Jennifer Rayes 

Print Length 224

Stay tuned for Intricate Intentions…


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