The Diamond Head Deception – By James Blakley

Mystery / Thriller 

We meet Luna Nightcrow in full on insurance investigator mode. She is in the middle of taking down Barney for crop insurance fraud. After the shenanigans that she got up to Luna is forced to pay a large sum of money for the damages caused in order to capture the creep Barney, but she had enjoyed using the tractor! 

Thinking she had some time off she left the courts to travel back home… 

As Luna is an independent Insurance Investigator and gets the job done and done well! She is sought out by major players, especially when a rare red diamond disappears, worth £15 million disappears into the ocean along with ‘The Shipla’

The race is on to find the DIAMOND!! 

We meet some characters along the way, Nani Nyoko – Jewellery Appraiser, Ruppe Sabal – owner of the diamond and Lono Kuhl – Jewellery Investor. Not all is what it seems not all the players are playing the game you expect them to be playing. 

My thoughts 

I loved the idea of the story, very well thought out. Lots of red herrings and twists that were not expected which was really good. Luna’s character was basically Bond but in female form. At times I forgot that she was an insurance investigator, I thought she was a spy or something, her expertise was so much more than what an insurance investigator needs to be, maybe she just needed to be a private investigator? Her realm expanded beyond where it should be, I felt it was a bit over the top at times. 

Overall, I felt that although this novel was fast paced; lots of information thrown at you, different scenarios and as well as the characters to get to know – it sometimes took a while to link certain parts together, I know I had to go back on a couple of occasions to find the link. The right concept but I think the delivery could be tweaked to make it flow better, slow it down, let the red herring sink in or even just enjoying the moment of the art that has been created.  There were descriptions for instance of the tractor Luna used or the specific model of phone used that I found rather odd. Lastly, I wasn’t keen on the narration used at times, referring Luna as the ‘insurance investigator’ then switching back to Luna. 

But that’s just my view, here’s a link, have a read of it yourself…

The Diamond Head Deception by James Blakley  

Print length – 216

— TalesfromNj

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One thought on “The Diamond Head Deception – By James Blakley

  1. Greetings, Ms. NJ.

    Thanks again for taking time from your busy schedule to give my third novel, “The Diamond Head Deception,” a go. I truly appreciate your honesty and value your thoughtful suggestions for improvement, particularly regarding slowing down some aspects of the mystery and thrills.
    Nowadays, authors sometime feel the need to feed the growing short attention span of the general public. But, it’s reassuring to know that some readers still make reading an event and enjoy savoring “the moment of the art that has been created.”

    May you have continued success with your blog and all the best in life, NJ.



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