Find Yourself: An Epic Sci-fi Romance (Selfless, #2) by Sara Breaker

Science Fiction & Fantasy 

It’s eight months later and Laney is still having these really weird and vivid dreams, no wait nightmares. Her boyfriend Kevin and best friend Darla are starting to really worry about her, it’s like she’s there, then she’s not. 

Woah, this isn’t real is it?

What’s worse is Laney realises that there is something seriously wrong when one of her dreams take over her waking life. Taking herself back to her dorm she bumps into ‘Jake’ actually it’s Noah – ‘Who are you?’ before she knows it, she’s back in a world that she doesn’t remember but everyone knows who she is. 

Berry and PT have both had upgrades!

Will Noah save her and get his Laney back, but which Laney is it? It turns out the Laney he proposed to might not have actually been the Laney he thought it was. 

My thought’s 

 As with the first in the series, it is a compelling story. It is light and meaty at the same time. I like that there were new characters that we got to meet; Maia and Berry AI, as well as the old characters who are still developing interesting twists, such as Noah, little bit of a surprise there eh…. I was disappointed in that just as the story was in full flow it stops and now waiting for the next instalment. This novel was slightly longer that the first and we shall have to wait and see how Laney and Noah get on in the ‘Project: Save Laney’.

Find Yourself: (Selfless Book 2) by S. Breaker  

Print Length – 145 pages


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