The Green Room (The Broken Kaleidoscope, #4) – S.U. Ramesh

I kept it a secret, but I knew that there would be another installation of The Broken Kaleidoscope series and I have just finished it, what a story! 

Kavya’s new place.

We meet the main character, Kavya, moving into a new apartment. She has never lived on her own. She has never been this far away from her family and friends. She is utterly alone. 

The new job.

The main reason she has moved is because of a job opportunity in the city and she couldn’t let it slip through her hands. On her first day, she gets an unexpected surprise, her ex-boyfriend, Ajay, coincidently works at the same place. 

Is it coincidence though? 

The problem is, less than a week of moving into her new flat she starts receiving phone calls, but they only happen, for the time being after eleven at night, and continue, with no pattern throughout the night. This has a number of effects on Kayva  – tired, anxious, jumpy and paranoid. The only people she can lean on, she thinks, are Ajay and her neighbors – Mary and Richard and Misty their cat. 

It goes from bad to worse…

It is not just the calls that she has to worry about now it is the texts, photos and the videos that start to become a real issue. That when she realizes that she is in danger. Ajay takes control of the situation, firstly making sure that she never goes anywhere on her own, secondly after an incident in her flat he moves her in to his house until the foreseeable future.  

Could he really be the stalker? 

When you find out someone close to you is the reason why you are living in fear, what do you do? Would you let them go? Kavya did or did she. 

I was intrigued to see what Ramesh had created for the fourth installment

I have been awaiting this installment, although due to a heavy workload it has taken me some time to get around to read, it was enjoyable. Ramesh has way of keeping you reading and giving the story movement in a tense and mystifying plot. I was unsure what to expect with this story. There were parts of the story that I found repetitive and not necessarily required. The execution of the ‘revelation’ was brilliant but upon reflection I’m trying to connect the dots.

**SPOILER ALERT** I did guess that Kavya was the wizard behind the curtain, her ‘own’ stalker however I’m not sure how Mary came in on it as well. I think it would have been good to tie up that loose end to give even a brief history prior to the ending scene I think that would have helped me to understand where she had originally come in on the revenge plot.

The Green Room: A Romantic Suspense Novella (The Broken Kaleidoscope Book 4) 

by S.U. Ramesh 

Print Length- 113 pages


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