American Royals by Katharine McGee

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Welcome to the American Royalty! It’s here that we meet the monarchy of America, or shall we say it’s children. 

The future Queen of America, Beatrice, has been getting ready for this role her entire life. She’s been learning the ropes and gaining an understanding of the politics in readiness for the moment she is required to step up,  even though she has been doing this, it completely throws her when her parents suggest that it’s time that she found a ‘husband’, this is where everything starts to go downhill. 

Not only does Beatrice panic at the small pool of prospective husbands to choose from but she also realises that she’s already in love, a forbidden love, a love that she is unable to pursue. 

Although Beatrice’s siblings do not have the same amount of pressure on their lives, they still struggle to be part of their ‘Royal’ household. Princess Samantha and Prince Jefferson are both a little wild and have had to be brought back home from their ‘gap year’ because they keep ditching their security detail! 

Much to their dismay they now must ready themselves for a Ball. 

Samantha, always ready to get into mischief meets a very lovely fellow at the dreaded ‘Ball’ and persuades him to meet her in the cloakroom and things get a little heated, however not all as it seems and as it turns out Teddy is there to meet Beatrice, the future King consort! 

Meanwhile on the terrace Nina, who has been friend with the twins for like forever, has slipped out for some air and is interrupted by Jefferson, who then apologises for his behaviour at Graduation, to which turns into a long-awaited kiss. 

Lastly, we have Daphne, who is trying her best to get Jefferson back, she will get him back at any cost, but will Ethan, his best friend, ruin her chances?

The format of this novel is set out in the POV of – Beatrice, Nina, Samantha and Daphne. The story is folded into each character’s point of view and is easily followed. I felt that these characters were well written and encompassed a level of understanding of each of their roles, the future Queen, the ‘spare’ sister, the friend who turns into a flame and then the ex-girlfriend who is so manipulative and just cannot let go. Although I did enjoy this novel, I did find it a little repetitive at times and kinda slow on the uptake. It could have been shorter and more defined, but ultimately a nice holiday read.

American Royals by Katharine McGee 

Out on 03 Sep 2019

Print length – 448 pages

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