#Hipster by A.M.H. Johnson

Young Adult fiction 

Everybody wants to be a Rebel right? Well that literally her name, Rebel Young. She sees herself as an artist. She does not concede to ‘normality’ and is really outspoken to those that are.  But when Rebel’s creative writing class has a project, to write a novel, she is paired up with the ‘normie’ that she’s already had a run in with…things are about to get interesting.  

Nothing like a project to get to know someone eh?  

Rebel’s life starts to change in ways that she never thought would happen, she actually enjoyed Mike’s company, her boyfriend Hudson was arguing with her over every little thing, and Aimee, her BFF was being extremely weird! 

Awesome quick read!  

I really enjoyed this novella, Johnson, really captured how people are mis-interpreted through the eyes of someone who thinks they know it all, Rebel. The characters, Hudson and Mike, could not be more different but they were well written and I think Rebel realised that in order to know someone you really have to ask questions, not to assume you know someone because of what they look like.  

#Hipster by A M H Johnson  

Print Length – 122 pages


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