Lizzie Bennet’s Diary by T.K. Marnell

Romance / Humour 

Meeting Will Darcy pretty much turned Lizzie’s whole world upside down! There she is minding her own business, waiting for this ‘producer’ that will turn Jane into the movie star, that mum wants her to be, and she sees him. Her soulmate. The one. Inexplicably her yin to her yang…or is he? 

One overheard conversation, and a clever retort later, Lizzie storms off, seething.  

If you enjoy a light hearted romance, this is most definitely for you. Lizzie is your typical ‘Bridget Jones’ type character, how she ends up in situations that are utterly humiliating is beyond me, however, she is feisty! I’ll give her her due, she knows when she done wrong.  

…I knew I had gone too far. I knew I should say I was sorry.’

The format of this novel is, as in the title, is a diary. Marnell made each entry as enjoyable as the last. The diary arrangement really brings out Lizzie’s character and how she works through her issues, be it, love, hate, family, work, etc.  It also gives you Lizzies point of view on the other characters, although, you also see them evolving through the story.  

I absolutely loved this modernised take on ‘Pride and Prejudice’, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it at first, but Marnell nailed it.  

Lizzie Bennet’s Diary by T. K. Marnell

Print Length – 280 pages

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