Save Yourself: An Epic Sci-fi Romance (Selfless, #1) by Sara Breaker

Science Fiction & Fantasy 

It’s all go… Laney was your average college student, but on this particular day she had been kidnapped. Not only had she no idea why she had been kidnapped, but it felt like she was doing a lot of marathon running and she hadn’t exactly trained for it! 

This parallel universe sure looks like London… isn’t that no… the construction for Big Ben? 

Whilst Laney had been running and managed to get cornered, Noah the dead spit of the hottest guy on campus (Jake Donovan), was there to save her and get her out of a very sticky situation. Noah was tightlipped about what was going on, he mentioned a parallel universe and they fact that they needed to save the world, but they needed the prototype that Laney had made, WOAHHHH!

More questions and answers waited for them on the sub-lab where she meets Berry. 

It turns out that it’s not Laney that they are referring to, it’s Dr Laney Carter, her double from this universe, the dystopian World that they were currently in. But first they need to save Dr Laney in order to save the multiverses! 

My thoughts

This novel was a lovely quick read. I found the storyline compelling and didn’t lose interest, some of the ‘tech speak’ went over my head at points, but I definitely got the gist of it. I did enjoy Laney’s character, she was relatable, questioned everything, tried to make light of the heavy stuff and even the close encounters of the ‘love’ description were written very well. Noah was a very typical man, very focused and not much of a laugh, however, he did open up as the story evolved which was nice to see. I especially liked P.T. and Berry they were very funny characters and well developed. 

Save Yourself: An Epic Sci-fi Romance (Selfless Book 1) by  S. Breaker 

Print length – 122 pages


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