The Miranda Contract by Ben Langdon

Superhero Fiction

Just another day at work for the seventeen-year-old Dan until his past turns up to change his life, again. Dan Galkin was only twelve when his Grandfather the ‘Mad Russian’ had decided that him and fellow ubers would become the new gods. He trained them up until he thought they were ready and let them loose on the world. The arrival of these young gods didn’t particularly go to plan and the grandfather disappeared, most thought he had died, but this left Dan vulnerable and he ended up being placed in a programme where he could be monitored and make sure he didn’t use his powers getting into mischief. 

Dan can manipulate electricity with his mind. 

Miranda Brody just your normal type of girl, a wannabe popstar or was until she was molded into what her agents thought she should be. She comes to Melbourne from a tragedy in one of her other shows which has had a really negative effect on her and she tries to move forward from that. Suleyman, her bodyguard really tries hard to make Miranda as happy as she can be, after all he did promise her father, but Suleyman turns out to be more than just a bodyguard.

Miranda Body and ‘The Human Tour’. 

Dan and Miranda are thrown together because his grandfather has planned an outrageous comeback, he wants Dan to kill Miranda so he can become the next generation of a god. 

My Thoughts

I found this an enjoyable read, not your typical ‘superhero’ read. The story had a good course and the plot was identifiable. The only issues I had were, at times, I would read a chapter then go to the next chapter and feel like I hadn’t read a few chapters as the story had jumped ahead somewhat. I found this especially with the relationship and characterisation of Dan and Miranda. Overall the characters were well written and have depth, leaving you wanting to find out more about them (which is what Langdon was trying to do I think!). We will most definitely hear more about Halo (a very complex character), Bree, Grandfather Time and Dan’s mum (I can see a story there). Thank you to Ben Langdon for bringing this story to us and hope that the series does well for you! 

Go on have a read, you know you want to… 

The Miranda Contract  by Ben Langdon  

Print length – 358 pages


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