Abandoned By an Alpha (Freya Rose Book 1) by Leanne Dillon

Fantasy / Supernatural / Slightly Erotic 😉

We meet Freya, a normal teenager, getting ready for her graduation day. She has the most amazing boyfriend, Tristan, his brother happens to be her best friend, Tyler. The only hiccup that Freya has is these darn nightmares and they have been progressively been getting worse in the run up to her eighteenth birthday and then, everything changes.

What Freya didn’t know when she woke up on her graduation day that her WHOLE life was about to change.

This novel had me hooked from the first page. The main story was compelling, giving only tidbits of information so you would read on to get that scrap of information that you wanted confirmed or couldn’t believe that it was happening! There were several directions that this story went in; wolves, vampires, hunter/angels and then some, but it all came together effortlessly. 

I won’t go full on into the details as it’s truly mind bending, you’ve just got to read it. 

I found that each character; Freya, Tristen, Tyler, Mason, Damian, Evan and Cassie, just to name a few, were all identifiable, they have great personalities. Any reader would be routing for the good versus the bad, but then, like in any situation, given all the facts, it may be hard to be on the right team because depending on what outcome they are hoping for is dependent on who they are routing for…. Just to confuse you!  

I really enjoyed reading this, I did laugh at parts, I found a few of the characters very amusing. There is undeniably heartbreak, in many parts of this book, but love and forgiveness as well. I must warn, for those that are slightly averse to ‘sexy’ scenes, this does have a fair few! 

I must admit I wasn’t sure I liked the way this book ended, and I was literally gob smacked at how Dillon decided to leave the ending, obviously they’ll be another but still, I was upset!! 


Abandoned By an Alpha (Freya Rose) by Leanne Dillon  

Print Length – 648 pages


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