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How IJ Miller has managed to express the pain and anguish of Al, as well as, the neglect that Maddie has experienced is just incredible. 

Since she was eight Al was abused, in many ways, by her father and as a result of this is unable to touch anyone or even feel remotely able to connect to anyone, with just a couple of exceptions Wynn and Maddie. Wynn saved her from a frat boy prank, and they developed an unusual friendship. When Al met Maddie there was an underlying respect for each other and their friendship developed into a partnership, love and gratitude for one another. 

What a beautifully tragic novel. 

Considering both Al and Maddie both experience abuse and neglect for their respective parents, they come together to build a better and more beautiful life as a family. I didn’t expect this novel to be full of pain, which on many levels it does, but to write about these characters who have never experienced tenderness and love so completely is exceptional. 

The novel was written well, depicting each character’s flaws and honing them together, all clicked into place. I liked the way we were introduced to both Al and Maddie at the Motel, then we were taken back in time, part one, then part two on how they ended up meeting one another then finally part three how they ended up at the motel. 

The plot of the story was well done, two women running from the law, the biological father and grandfather, all they want is to be left alone to raise their baby.  

Overall this was a captivatingly good read.


Print length – 301 pages


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