Nobody Move (Angel City #1) by Philip Elliott

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Very early on we meet Eddie and Floyd. They have been sent on a job to ‘scare’ one of Saul’s (the big boss man) clients into getting the money he owes him as he is a few days late. But, Eddie, who’s been feeling out of sorts all day thinks that something doesn’t feel quite right and isn’t particularly looking forward to this job, and he was right not to. 

Eddie Vegas messed up BIG time, now he’s on the run. 

After the accident, Eddie, Floyd and we meet Sawyer, the driver, decide to bury the evidence far out of the way, the problem is they are spotted and the very next day their secret is let out of the bag… 

All Eddies problems just keep getting bigger.

Not only does Saul want to ‘speak ‘ to Eddie, but the brother of the man he’s killed starts to come after him, along with a woman who he falls in love with seemingly uninvolved in all of this, is looking for her younger sister, and won’t leave until she is found, and everything just starts to spiral out of control…

A fast-paced story with characters left right, and center all involved in some capacity or another. 

From the first chapter you are thrown into the world of L.A, the seediness, glamour, the black and white, behind the scenes, a movie like presence, there is all sorts going down. Each character that has been created gives you an impression of who they are and what path they led or going down. To which there is no end to the type of characters there are; lost, gay, loved, tortured, plain, trans, eccentric, cowboy, brutish, slimy…it just goes on…the best part, it works! 

I don’t think I have come across a novel with so many twists and turns and omg moments. Elliott has written a fast-paced, action packed crime thriller, it’s a clean well written novel, it was an awesome read and it just kept surprising me at each turn, Philip Elliott is a magnificent writer.

Nobody Move (Angel City) by Philip Elliott  

Print Length – 315 pages


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