Comfortable in Hell: The Beginning by Karen Ann Carpenter

A Dark Fantasy Horror 

This tale is first in a collection of a woman called Patsy Reilly. Her friend Petra, who is Austrian, has told her about the Austrian Folklore, in particular Krampustreiben, the Krumpus Parade. 

Carpenter has kept her promise of a sensual, scary and bizarre novella!

We all have that one person that we have fantasied about, right? Well Patsy, has become obsessed with Hans Muff after seeing a picture of him and is determined to find her one true love. After miraculously finding the exact location of where Hans will be, she sets off to meet him with a plan to bring him back home with her, however, not all plans tend to go to plan do they…

Folklore or Reality  

The bizarre behaviors of Hans and ‘Grandpa’ are depicted very well, even Raklaus, the blue-eyed dog has a part to play, which was more than expected. The folklore that Patsy has been told is seen through the descriptions of the costumes/props that are used for the parades, laying about the dark and cold cottage. But it does not end there once Raklaus brings her to the basement, her world literally turns upside down.  

My Queen, Patsy…

This novella shows how a fantasy can take hold of a person with determination and an obsessive need, to have the thing they want the most and giving up everything for them or what they think they are…  

Comfortable in Hell: The Beginning by Karen Ann Carpenter  

length 180 pages


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