When It Will Rayne, It Will Pour – By S.C McCormack

Fantasy / Paranormal

We meet Rayne Slater. Rayne is a Bounty Hunter / Private Investigator. Pretty much straight away we are introduced to some rude characters who bust into ‘Slater Services’ by means of force. A request for Rayne to find a specific person is given, with little choice to turn it down.  She isn’t given much information about why they want this person, but it creates a little curiosity within Rayne, so she accepts the job.  She is given a limited amount of time to bring them in, so she gets on it straight away.  

We learn that Rayne is a little bit of a loner. In the beginning we assume it’s because of her job, she doesn’t really have time for a life, but unknowingly her past is about to catch up to her. 

By taking this case Rayne realises that her curiosity may just end up getting her killed. The job she accepted was actually from ‘shifters’ on the outside, they look like normal people, but they change into which ever animal they are, either a lion, tiger, bear etc. What Rayne finds strange is that most shifters stay within their pack, tigers and tigers for instance, but they were all different animals, so she had to wonder who was in command. 

The Investigation 

Rayne starts her investigation by reading all the information that was provided and decides that in order to pull this off and get the person of request, Reese, she will need to infiltrate their pack. Reese lives with his ‘lion’ shifters, a twelve-hour drive away, which have created their own community. Once she arrives into town her plan goes into full force. 

We meet new characters, that are part of the pack, Rayne is glad that her plan is working and before long she’ll be on the inside or will she. It comes to light that Rayne has been keeping her own secret, she is also a shifter, but her powers are different to the others and she is able to control her animal so that other shifters are not aware. She can live as a human. She manages to accidently run into a small group of the shifters whilst ‘taking pictures’ and manages to get a close up on Reese, the meeting does not go quite as planned. 

The Mark. The Mate. 

To make Raynes job even harder, not only does she let slip that she is also a shifter, but she turns out to be Reese’s mate, soul mate. Rayne who is in denial for a long while accepts that she must tell the one in command, Vic, what brought her here in the first place. Once Rayne uncovers the truth, she realises that she has put many people in danger and in order to get out of this she must put it right. 

My thoughts

I felt that McCormack had managed to layer Rayne’s character in many ways. She had a lot of history which was nicely thrown in the novel and intervals to prepare you for the main reveal. Not only do you see her point of view, once you are introduced to Reese you start to see his too. McCormack managed to pull off good torture and fight scenes, at times I felt very tense and willing Rayne on to get through it, poor girl she was dealt a lot of anger at times! Overall, I really enjoyed the story, the plot thickened in the right places and I felt that she had finished it off on a good note. 

When It Will Rayne, It Will Pour – Kindle Edition

by S.C. McCormack

Length – 249 pages


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