The diary of a young girl By Anne Frank

This is not a review, just merely my thoughts

There are a lot of people out there that do not understand how this diary has become such a phenomenon. We have many thousand of accounts about World War Two and lots of those have been made into novels or films. But this is where I stress that it is an account Anne Franks’ life, not a story.  

A diary of a young girl, who was ostracised because she and her family were Jewish.

When Anne was given a notebook/journal for her thirteenth birthday she decided there and then that she would confide her innermost thoughts and secrets to the page. She had decided that she wanted to become either a journalist and/or a writer. The journal started off as any normal teenager who wrote about their day, feelings etc, but it then turned out to be about a Jewish teenager, who had to hide from Nazi’s, this is not normal.

Whilst in hiding, Anne, a very talented young girl, decided to broaden her mind and keep busy with a number of activities. Rather than reflect each and every day on their situation, to be fair she did do this too, but it was more a constructive way rather than a self-pitying way.

If I am being honest, after reading about half way through I wasn’t sure if I could manage finishing it. Not because I found it tiresome or even boring, of course there were some entries that was rather tedious, there are lots of novels like this too. But it was because I couldn’t face the fact that by finishing this book would be acknowledging that this young girl would be dead.

But I did finish it, I acknowledged two things. How sad I was for Anne and her family. They managed to hide for eighteen months with only a few possibilities of being found out, which they avoided nut also Anne would never really live. Secondly, Angry.  Angry at the thought that someone told on them and about their hiding place. The person who did that thought they had a right to put a family in such danger. Then they were separated and all but one of the family survived, out of pure luck. The thought of what all persecuted people have been through makes me ashamed of humanity.


This story made me realise how fortunate I am. Words cannot express how I find this world so narrow minded and people that feel they have the right to tell people what is and isn’t ‘correct’, religions and cultures, are all different. It should all be respected.

I understand that some people are not open to new things; religions and cultures, but do you know what, the world does not revolve around you.

The Diary of a Young Girl: Definitive Edition Paperback – 28 Jun 2007 by Anne Frank  (Author), Mirjam Pressler (Translator), Susan Massotty (Translator)

–Tales from NJ

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