The Red Creeper (The Broken Kaleidoscope, #3) – S.U. Ramesh

Ramesh does it again, to have a way with words, is just utterly amazing. 

I have now finished the last instalment of the Broken Kaleidoscope series. This short story was very different from the first two. 

The grave site. 

It begins with a setting in 1898, a colonial India. There were convicts digging a mass grave for the dead then bundling them on one after the other before piling the earth back on these bodies. I wasn’t quite sure where this was going to begin with, it was just a grim start. 

The house, the fiancé and his friends. 

Then we get to meet the main character, Kunal. He is an accountant and works with his best friend Amit and soon to be brother in law Matt. They along with Kunal’s fiancé, Rachel are helping him move into this great place in readiness for when Rachel (once married) will move in with him. 

The house he was moving in to sounded too good to be true, the price was a steel. It had a history. The story goes that the house was built on a mass grave, this made it cursed. There was no proof that this was true and with all his might he just didn’t believe in those types of things. 

Those night terrors, truly terrifying. 

One day some truly terrifying episodes started to happen. This is where Ramesh’s writing is shown at its fullest, the tension, the build up the unexpected/expected things that start to happen.

Then he starts to doubt himself and his memory, he opens up to Rachel.

Kunal faced; the nightmares, no sleeping, the appointments with the psychiatrist, the medication and still he was not 100% convinced that the site his house was built on is cursed.

Then he hits rock bottom, and I mean, no job, no life. His friendship is tested with Matt, his fiancé’s brother. But Rachel is adamant and stands by her man as she believes he can get through it and, he does for a time. 

Back on track. 

Kunal it would seem is free from the episodes that he suffered with for all those months and he starts back on to a road of recovery for a while, at least. Then one night, his life is ruined and everything he has rebuilt is taken from him. 

Definitely worth a read.

I was pleasantly surprised with this short novella by Ramesh. Like I mentioned before it is completely different from the previous two. The concept he has used, for instance, the setting of a legend/curse, which really does make you think, but incorporating the mental health side of the episodes that Kunal was having was very well put together. 

I have purposely been vague about in this review because I feel that as it such a short novella it should be read.

The Red Creeper (The Broken Kaleidoscope Series #3)

by S.U. Ramesh

Print length 77 pages


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