Stolen Time – Danielle Rollins

YA / Fantasy / Science Fiction Read

We are taken to the year 1913 to meet Dorothy, who incidentally, is trying to figure out the best way to escape her impending wedding. It turns out that Dorothy is a bit of a con artist, she and her mother, Loretta, have been in the game since Dorothy could bat her eye lashes, so to speak. 

Once she had managed to escape the dreaded wedding, Dorothy came across a very strange object, not of her world. She decided, as it was on the way to her ‘future’ she would divert and take a quick peek, in doing so, she did not realise how it would impact her life.  

An opportunity. 

Ash has arrived, back in the past. His aircraft decided to nose dive into the wrong time and he had to land before it was too broken to get him safely back to the future (pun intended).  He repairs the ship and sends a disgruntled Dorothy on her way, or so he thought. 

2077, quite literally the future. 

Ash manages to land back in ‘his’, I say that loosely, time to find a stowaway. He takes great pleasure in putting Dorothy through the ringer and telling her all about the time that she has travelled to. At this point we get to meet the ‘team’. 

We have; Ash the pilot (who we have already met, obvs), Zora the engineer, Willis ‘strong man’ as security, Chandra the doctor and the Professor who bought them altogether, Zacharias Walker. But it would seem, that the professor has gone walk-about, and the team are trying to locate him.

There was another member of the team, but he disappeared to join the ‘terrorist’ group the Black Cirkus, this was Roman. He has teamed up with the ‘legendary’ Quinn Fox. 

A brief history in time

There were multiple earthquakes in Seattle. The devastation that earthquakes had done to the city meant two things; they were no longer part of the United States and they had no funding. It was a lawless state. New Seattle was mainly underwater, there were curfews put in place because of the killings and thievery of the Black Cirkus.

The Black Cirkus’s issue was that they wanted the professor to use his time machine to go back and fix what had happened to the city, to get their future back! 

The team had a slightly different agenda. Firstly, Ash had reasons of his own, he knew he was going to be killed but he wanted to try and stop it. In order to do that he would need the entire team. Secondly, they needed to find the professor. They knew he went back in time to a specific place, but they don’t know where. 

It all comes together. 

It’s almost like, the team have luck on their side. After the stowaway gets into trouble and back in the presence of the team, she then brings them hope in the shape of the professor’s journal. 

My thoughts. 

This novel by Rollins had me toing and froing between picking it up and putting it down. Generally, I’m not a ‘time travel’ type of person as it’s just really confusing all the laws and rules just gets a bit much then having to try and figure out how certain things came about can just be damn right annoying! What I will say is that Rollin’s was able to write about time travel in a general sort of way (where you didn’t feel you had to be a physicist to figure it out) which did help quite a bit and she managed to make me realise the connecting dots a lot quicker than I thought I would = happy reader!

Although we have two main characters; Ash and Dorothy, we also have “the team’ and the Black Cirkus to get to know. All of which hold very strong presence as they each have their own ‘ability’ or reason for being which ties it up very nicely. 

It’s trying, but worth the read. 

I’m glad I continued with the novel as not only  did the characters develop, and you did get the history on each of them, the twists in the story had me a little gobsmacked. I also liked how the momentum of the last twist had started, it was almost like you as the reader has that epiphany moment which comes actually comes to fruition!

I really appreciated what Rollins had done with the story, I’m very much now like, err… where is book two? 

Stolen Time Hardcover – 21 Mar 2019

ByDanielle Rollins

Print Length 407 pages


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