Outrush ‘The Mer Chronicles’ Book Three – Errin Stevens

Paranormal / Romance Read

It’s been 7 years since we last saw Maya in her bid to be ‘free’ of that pull toward Aiden to make her life her own. Headstrong as she is, Maya is determined to find her goal in life, that feeling she got when she played for Penn State that ‘rush’ for life. She thought she found it with Stu Evans. 

What a wonderful husband…I think NOT.

Stu, Stu, Stu, boy did Maya get it wrong. He was the type of husband that decided once he got the girl, he decided to push her to the limit to see when she would break. Being the strong woman Maya is, it took a long time for her to see what a low life pond feeder he really was. 

It started when she saw her husband with another woman in her father-in-law’s study. Once they had vacated, she went in there to confirm what she had seen. Her mind only on what had just happened, Thad, her father-in-law, sees her in the room and questions her. However, Maya, isn’t aware that the paper she is holding in her hands changes the course of her life all together.  

She finds herself more alone than she has ever felt, and to make things worse she is now being hunted. 

Little does Maya know she is being watched over by a cloaked Siren. It turns out that some Sirens, who that felt they did not belong, became part of a militia that Peter had formed. No one was as good as Peter, but he felt that it could be possible to train up these Sirens to help their community rather than be ousted by it. 

Aiden becomes the ‘angel’ on Maya’s shoulder.

After helping Simon with his ‘mission’ to forge his bond with Sylvia, Aiden felt estranged. He knew that he had partially bonded with Maya and he tried with all his might to overcome it but for whatever reason it just wouldn’t break. He took up with the militia and maintained he was over Maya until he could go wherever he wanted. Once he was free, he headed straight to Maya, but he was disguised. 

And chaos commences. 

Thad Evans, Stu’s father had recently lost his wife, and when you read about it, I think part of his mind too. He was, on the outside, and up until his wife died, a stand up all American business man. But he got greedy and he felt empty. In order to change this, he decided to run a scheme with his brother, not all schemes end well, as Thad finds out. 

A breath of fresh sea air!

I found this installment refreshing after book two. Breakwater had so much going on that I found it hard to concentrate on at times, don’t get me wrong I do love a challenge, but sometimes a straight up story about two people is worth concentrating on.  

I loved that there was something about Maya’s situation that had this air of secrecy, the thing that she may or may not have realised which caused her to run, the sense of having someone or something watching over her but never really connecting the dots, but also the struggle she had internally with accepting what she actually wanted versus what she had. You have the ordinary run of the mill type of guys against these mystical creatures, I mean who would you go for?

This was my fave out of the three so far.

I sensed that there is also another story unfolding with Xanthe, this has been building up from the last two books so I understand there will be a fourth installment! Looking forward to it Errin Stevens! 

Outrush (The Mer Chronicles) Paperback – 30 Jan 2019

By Errin Stevens 

Print length 284 pages


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