Breakwater ‘The Mer Chronicles’ Book Two – Errin Stevens

Paranormal / Romance Read

If you read book one, we are all savvy on the secret Siren society, if not whoops! You should have read that before reading this!! 

In mourning for their Queen and Prince. 

We start Breakwater with a loss, Queen Kenna and her son, Peter, the crowned Prince. There is no ruler for the Siren community, and they are all in mourning not knowing where to turn for guidance. As the linage of royalty has now disappeared, they put in place, a transitional committee. 

Griffins Bay. 

Meanwhile back at Griffins Bay, Gabe and Kate are excited to become parents, as well as Dana and Will, Kate’s Aunt and Uncle. As it turns out they decided to leave their fancy pants lives and do something that they wanted to do whilst bringing up their twins. So, you ask, what did they do? They opened a bakery, with Sylvia Wilkes, who happens to be Kates bff’s sister.  

SeaCakes Bakery 

The happy go lucky girl, Sylvia, is very content with her life. She hasn’t been long out of college and she owns part of a bakery, she just loves the fact she can do whatever baking she likes, and she is in control of her own destiny, or so she believes. 

A non-conformer, or is he?

Back in the water with Simon Blake, a non-conformer of Siren life. He does not believe that he should find a mate, marry, have children and do ‘job’ that he is suited for. He is, along with some of the other male sirens, who also feel this way, are sent off on an assignment out of the community by Xanthe. This is with the hope that one day they will realise being away from their loving community and all that they strive for; happiness with a mate and a long happy life, will turn them back to the path they are on.


So, without further ado, here is a spoiler of sorts. In order to sort out the issue back at Shaddox it turns out that a piece of the past returns to put part of the rest of their puzzle in place. Carmen, who is officially the Queen of Shaddox, being Peter’s daughter and all. 

Now this lights a fire up Duncan Flemming, who as the Viceroy, was quite content ruling, as he had done over the past months, however, when he finds out about Carmen, he decides to take matters into his own hands. 

That pull. That bond. That connection.

Not only does the Siren community have to worry about Duncan and his little ‘right to govern’ party, there was a little bother with Simon and Aiden. They are back from their travels on one of Xanthe’s assignments. They decide to drop in to SeaCakes for a spot of lunch. Simon discovers that he’s a little obsessed with Sylvia and being a little untraditional, thinks he can overcome the ‘pull’ that they share, but can he? 

Even with this possibility of ever after for Simon, he is told it is not allowed to pursue Sylvia, due to there being a human from the Wilkes family that has already married in. It doesn’t help that Aiden and Maya start to bond as well; this could get a little awkward… 

My thoughts

As you can probably tell, there is a lot going on in book number two, and I haven’t even mentioned Xanthe’s personal issues, along with the reappearance of a certain cloaker. I found it a little more captivating than Adrift, where this was all about Kate and Gabe. There was soo much to take in, it did at time get a little much, we knew of some of the characters from the previous book, but there were characters that we didn’t know and were sort of thrown in to get to know them straight away to get on with the story.

Simon & Sylvia 

I did feel that the story with Simon and Sylvia took a lot of the chapters up than it needed to really. Purely because as we know once a Siren has been bonded with their mate nothing can tear them apart it seemed a little redundant as I knew by the end of the book they would be married and with baby on the way. But then was this open to interpretation for book three? 

Duncan = Evil.

I did enjoy the cleverness of Duncan and how he tried to manipulate the Siren community in letting him rule Rayleigh. It did show the madness of how power overtakes a being. Sirens believe the humans impact them and their culture, think of how Sirens impact the culture of humans and how easily they can manipulate them, like Julian for instance. Julian knew after a while what Duncan was doing was wrong and tried to do the best out of a bad situation. 

All in all, I think book two produced some very strong characters and kind of left me wondering where book three would come in, but then again with all the characters that were introduced I’m pretty sure there is something that Stevens will develop, a break through the water, so to speak. 

Stay tuned book three is on it’s way.. 

Breakwater (The Mer Chronicles) Paperback – 20 Dec 2018

By Errin Stevens

(Print length 341 pages)


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