Updrift ‘The Mer Chronicles’ Book One By Errin Stevens

Paranormal / Romance Read

We take a dive (literally) into the life of Kate Sweeting. The first chapter of the book you are lured into the ocean with a sense of a deeper secret that is just skimming the surface. We learn about Kate in a series of events running up until she is twenty-one. 

The Background. 

In the midst of learning about Kate, you get the key facts that you need for the story. Kate meets Gabe just before their sixth birthday, that happens to be the same day. They go to school together with Maya, they are all really good friends. Once they reach high school Gabe starts to attend a different school but they all still hangout at weekends. 

One particular weekend there is a ‘party’ being held at Gabe’s house, Kate and Maya haven’t been invited, so they decide to sneak a peek at what’s going on, this only confuses the situation more. Out of this event, Maya’s sister Solange meets and marries a cousin of Gabe’s and Kates Mum, Cara, falls for John, another family member of Gabe’s, can you see a pattern emerging. 

A wedding already! 

The wedding of Solange and Luke sparks a change in the relationship between Kate and Gabe. This is noticed, as it was when they first met, by their families and was not encouraged until they both finished college. This meant that their families helped them to finish a year earlier than normal, which equalled to no life! 

You are taken, albeit rather factually, through Kates life, with little snippets of what’s going on behind the scenes, which I found quite exasperating at times! 

Once they hit twenty-one, oh it changes!!! You have been given the gauntlet, so to speak, you are in on the secret. Gabe and his family are Sirens. All the strange and wonderful things that happened before all start to make sense and lots of answers to the questions that were raised are indeed answered. 

Obviously, this is when the story really starts to get going as their love is destined but so is a betrayal from the eerie community that Kate has been bought into. 

Let the story unfold…

I did feel that it had taken a long time to get to this point and I felt that once we were here it was almost like a rush to get to the end as all that what happened after seemed to come at you, one blow after the other. 

It turned out that Kate turned more than one Siren her way, Peter Loughlin, the Prince, was very much decided that he wanted her and to that end he kidnapped her, but in doing so he tried to make out he had killed her so that no one would try to find her and take her away from him! 

Now I’m going to leave it at that so you will have to read it to see what happens! 

I found the book overall was a nice easy read and I managed it in a few hours, mainly because I needed to know, but that’s just me. Not everyone is the same. It did, however, make me eager to see what book 2 would bring…

Tune in next time to find out my thoughts on book two… 

Updrift (The Mer Chronicles) Paperback – 20 Dec 2018

By Errin Stevens

(Print length 266 pages)


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