Scorched By Lizzie Prince

A Romance / Paranormal Read

Annie, a, would be normal eighteen year old, if it wasn’t for the nightmares and the anxiety attacks from the fire that killed her parents two years ago. Once her birthday arrived all sorts or strange things started to happen and one of them was Munro.

That electricity!

It all starts on a night out for Annie’s birthday and she sees a mysterious man watching her from a dark corner of a club, but this pull that she feels draws her closer and closer to him until she is almost right in front of him then bam! Maggie, her best friend, tells her it’s time to go. But that lingering feeling of electricity keeps her charged and wanting to know more.

‘Yer a witch Annie’

Annie doesn’t have the best starting relationship with the irresistible Munro, due to the fact she seems to pass out each time they are in company! But as it turns out it’s because she drains herself of her magic that she possesses as she is actually a very powerful witch, which comes as a surprise but deep down it’s almost like it all makes sense.

Some good twists and turns, and an unexpected reveal…

The main story of Annie I found really interesting, initially, I did find parts of the story a little repetitive. Annie kept blacking out, being really tired, basically exhausted, in some of these scenes and it just seemed that we weren’t really getting further in the story just the same issues that Annie was having. But it soon becomes evident as to why when you finally find out that she is a witch. You are provided with some of the answers that you have on the tip of your tongue, the history behind her past but of course more questions arise, which keeps you reading on, for those answers.

The characters from this story are well developed and I’m really looking forward to find out more about them. I did feel a little upset that once Munro came onto the scene he did sort of replace Maggie as she sort of disappears a little, which is odd as they are the best of friends, but Maggie makes an appearance at the end which I would hopefully assume she is back in book two?

Kudos to Prince, it’s definitely gripping!

Prince has created a brilliant story. She managed to get me on the edge of my seat in anticipation, felt the tense and intimate relationship of Annie and Munro, laughed out loud at the reactions from the characters and sad that I had finished it so quickly, but I had to know!!!

I really enjoyed this book and I’m a little excited to see what the second book has to offer!

Scorched: Book 1 of the Trilogy Kindle Edition by Lizzy Prince  (Author)

(Print length 259 pages)


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