The Flower of Pain (The Broken Kaleidoscope, #2) by S.U. Ramesh

This is a powerful way to express how; one realises their ignorance toward identity, how a person journeys through their life with knowledge but not experience and acceptance for wrong-doing.  

Swarali’s paired up with the outcast, Ila, for an English project. The outcome of this is an oddly satisfying friendship is made after the initial awkwardness, that shouts out ‘up yours’ to the indifferent. 

Ila explains to Swarali how she realised who she was and how she could express it. Their peers were amused by this friendship and don’t really acknowledge it until it goes a little pear shaped.

Swarali, is unaware that although she has accepted Ila as who she is; a man in a woman’s body, a transgender. She is yet to accept the wider LGBQT community. This keeps them apart for a number of weeks neither one talking to the other until Swarali realises that she has basically ridiculed her friend the way everyone else does and she must rectify this. 

Things get back on track until the English project is completed and rumours are circulated which ends up with Ila being bullied and abused then was suspended from college.   

There is nothing more scary that your average group of ‘popular kids’ and the ‘sub groups’ that all fit within each other. But when there is just one person that doen’t ‘fit’ into any of those groups how do you think that would affect them? The negative energy that those groups throw toward that one person because they are different is monumentous. But it only takes ONE person to make that change to take that negative energy and show it some respect. Using their own mind their own act of selflessness to interact with someone who has been set apart from the ‘norm’ and begin to understand why they might be different.  

Well done to Ramesh for putting this together and executing this message. It really hits you, hard.

The downside I am finding is this is supposed to be a collective of short stories, there is only one story (which is brilliant), don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed it, but it might be worth collating further stories for the LGBQT community and presenting them? 

I’m not really joining the dot’s up as to why this is a trilogy? These stories are not long enough, readers need and want more to get their teeth into. 

The Flower of Pain (The Broken Kaleidoscope Series #2): Glimpses into the darker side of humanity Kindle Editionby S.U. Ramesh  (Author)


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