Starry Night and The Dance of Life (The Broken Kaleidoscope, #1)

Short stories; these were beautifully written and portrayed how we as humans are just human, whether ecstatically happy or severely depressed. 

The first of the two stories, ‘Starry Night’ was exceptional in the way Ramesh portrays the wife and how she is feeling. She is troubled and still trying to succeed at life by taking in the little things which make life, life. The husband being self-assured of their love that nothing can take this away from; them, him, because of what he has given, love. 

Then on to ‘The Dance of Life’, what a beautifully tragic story. Lovers from childhood to young adults, how they drift apart and how they go on with life, but the pull is there.  The engaging part of the story is the phrase ‘don’t turn around’. This just makes you want to read further because of course you really want her to turn around! 

The writing of these stores has been lovingly crafted and opens one’s eyes to a new way of interpretation. The only down side; there should have been more stories. It had taken me about half an hour if that to read and you sort of reach the end and almost like ‘oh, that’s it’. I’m not sure that these are everyone’s cup of tea and I’m not sure what genre they would fall into, but I liked the message, be aware we are just human; we all have faults.

Starry Night and The Dance of Life (The Broken Kaleidoscope Series #1): Glimpses into the darker side of humanity Kindle Editionby S.U. Ramesh  (Author)


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